cranes and lifting Conference

۴th Iranian cranes and lifting Conference and Expo , and related industries

Cranes and lifting national conference in Iran and Middle East about cranes and related industrial – slings, electronics box, electromotive

Tower crane – Overhead cranes and gantry cranes – mobile cranes and related industries such as retailers and importers Slings such as steel wire, belts, chains and so on 09th & 10th September, 2015 lifting aid will be held.

Also at the conference, guests from regulatory agencies, such as building engineering systems, standards organizations, municipalities, the City Council, the fire were present.

The main reason for the formation of the association, the reduction of accidents caused by the use of cranes, including cranes and Overhead crane in construction projects and business gateway mobile cranes and machine industry has been tried.

Conference Goals :

Increase the level of safety standards and inspection and industrial crane and the load transfer “lifting”
Evaluation of annual events in the urban fabric and municipalities throughout the country and tissue industries
Review mechanisms and procedures developed countries

Conference Topic :

Before installing and operating standards at the time of initial use, after the operation and the period

Repair and Maintenance

Operation and Riegery

HSE safety and passive defense

Accidents and Disasters

Technical documentation and manuals

Safety and fire-fighting

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