amusement park equipment inspection

Due to widespread public use of playground and amusement park equipment, the safety standard of these devices is of paramount importance.

Iran Engineering Inspection Company (iei) as the first and largest inspection company in the country has established the ground of technical inspection of amusement devices, playground and amusement park in the country by teaching new inspection methods in this area. Now this company has put these things on its agenda such as the inspection in phases including design and construction, installation and productivity/during operation as well as periodic inspection which ensures equipment safety and reduces possible risks and potential accidents for users.

Technical Manager

Mr Rasouli




Sat-Wed: 7:30-16:30
Thr-Fri: closed

Major projects that have been inspected by the IEI Company’s inspection division of amusement park equipment:

  • Inspection of park amusement equipment of provinces such as Khorasan, Qom, Tehran, Kurdistan, Ilam, Hamedan and etc.
  • Playground inspection of Ilam, Alborz, Kurdistan, …(Taha project)

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