Car valuation

With over 20 years of inspection experience in the automotive industry, including supply chain inspection and type approval, Iran Engineering Inspection company has been qualified by the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade since the beginning of 1396 to conduct vehicle assessment and audit for light and heavy-duty vehicles.

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Vehicle evaluation is carried out in four vehicle groups as follows:

  • Evaluation of Passenger Cars
  • Evaluation of pickups and light commercial Vans
  • Evaluation of commercial vehicles (light trucks, trucks and trailers)
  • Evaluation of public passenger vehicles (mini bus, middle bus and bus)

Vehicle evaluation is a tool that provides an indicator for quantifying and measurement of the quality of the car. By producing technical information and identifying the defects of each vehicle, corrective actions are defined by manufacturers and it will lead to improving the quality of domestic vehicles and increasing customer satisfaction which are the main purpose of this process.

Vehicle evaluation is performed according to the relevant national standards in two ways: Complete audit and Functional audit, and the aspect and functional defects of the vehicle is recorded in 9 separate codes, which are: suspension and steering; Engine and powertrain; brake system; electrical equipment; Interior and exterior fittings; The body; paint; Abnormal noise during vehicle movement and water penetration. Finally, the quality of vehicles is graded based on the acquired negative score of the two audits, as well as qualitative diminishing indicators at the qualitative levels of one to five-star, and the monthly evaluation results are sent to the relevant authorities and Automobile companies.

Currently, Iran Engineering Inspection Company (iei) is involved in car evaluation with Iran Khodro Automobile Group, Saipa Automobile Group and Bahman Group

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