The academy of Industrial and Engineering Inspection Company of Iran (IEI) has designed and offered a wide range of educational courses related to the activities of company with the aim at fulfilling the market needs.

This academy offers education in two main fields:

  • Education related to managerial systems based on different international/ trade standards (quality/ environment/ safety/ energy/ medical equipment, etc.)
  • Education related to technical and welding inspection, and non-destructive testing(NDT)

This academy regularly plans and implements more than 100 educational courses.All of these courses are revised according to a modern program and consideration of learners’ feedback by teachers and the academic board; and they are always updating in accordance with the latest knowledge.

This academy takes the advantage of its local and foreign partner organizations in some of the educational fields with the aim at transferring the new technical knowledge or issuing special certifications.Some of these organizations are as follows:

  • Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI)
  • international Association for non-destructive testing(NDT
  • Iranian Society for Welding & Nondestructive Testing (IWNT)
  • Iran CNG Guild
  • Iranian Association of Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering
  • Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization (TVTO)

The academy of Industrial & Engineering Inspection Company of Iran (IEI) has been developed in recent years because of relying on its expert staff and existing knowledge in company as well as taking the advantage of membership in associations.

Now, the Academy of Industrial & Engineering Inspection Company of Iran (IEI) is well-known for most of the domestic industrial and service entities as a reliable and in some cases unique reference due to the combination of its knowledge, skills and experience and continuous cooperation with numerous empowered international organizations.

This academy utilizes cooperation with top international companies in order to achieve up-to-date and superior technical knowledge wherever it is useful.This cooperation has always been organized in a way that it results in transfer of technical knowledge to academy fellows and creation of unique capabilities in the academy.

The growing trend of Iranian organizations and rapid changes in technology and environment, and the increased international competition have increased the organizational need to empower staff in recent years. Most of the organizations have been seeking for education under which they can convey the relevant theoretical concepts and express them for personnel by fully applied method, so that the educated personnel can make use of their obtained knowledge and improve the organizational performance.

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